Recommended sunglasses for driving in the UK

What sunglasses do I need for driving? 

The best sunglasses for driving will have black lenses that can filter out brightness and glare whilst also being comfortable and lightweight for long drives. 
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Category 3 Lens: Must-Have  ✔️
You want sunglasses that can handle the glare without dimming your view. Category 3 lenses (as all Breos are!) fit the bill. They block out harsh sunlight, reducing eye strain, and spare you from squinting.
Word to the wise: Category 4 lenses and anything darker are a no-go on UK roads by law.
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Black or Lightly Tinted Lens: Must-Have  ✔️
While it's not the law, going for non-coloured lenses is the way to roll when driving. Colours like blue, green, or pink can mess with your perception of traffic lights and road signs. Stick with classic black or lightly tinted lenses.
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Polarised Lenses: Nice-To-Have 
Whether it's the shimmer of the tarmac, a puddle, or a snow-covered road, polarised sunglasses keep glare in check without having to darken the lens. That's why many drivers swear by them year-round. 
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Comfortable Light-Weight Frames: Nice-To-Have
We understand that comfort is non-negotiable for long hours on the road. That's why our frames are super lightweight and feature a soft, anti-slip finish. They sit comfortably on your nose and ears, so you can focus on the journey ahead.
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