Floating sunglasses for paddle boarding & wild swimming

Why Breo's Floating Sunglasses are essential for paddle boarding and wild swimming 

Floating Sunglasses
Let's talk about a game-changer for paddle boarders, swimmers and any water-sport enthusiast: Floating sunglasses! Ever experienced that heart-pounding moment when your shades slip off your face and disappear into the depths below? It's not just frustrating; it can discourage wearing your sunglasses altogether! 

Breo's Floating sunglasses, as the name suggests, don't sink. Their clever design ensures they stay on the water's surface if they happen to take an unexpected plunge. No more diving to retrieve your sunglasses from the abyss or compromising your safety. You can just enjoy the water.
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Why do I need floating AND polarised Sunglasses?
As well as harmful UV rays, when you are around water you also have to contend with dreaded glare! Polarised lenses are specially designed to combat this, they have a unique filter that blocks out horizontally oriented light waves, like those bouncing off the water. 
We believe if you're in and about the water, you need that extra level of protection that polarised lenses give- that's why all our floating sunglasses come polarised as standard. 
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These sunglasses are also perfect for sports like kayaking, canoeing or even if you're just having a dip in the sea or pool.



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