Keeper Bands - Pack 08

Our new Keeper Band friendship bands come in a set of 3 exciting designs. Choose your favourite then gift the other to friends.

Breo Keeper Bands build on the friendship band craze with the added twist that wearing one shows commitment to the friendship, the longer it's worn the more impressive the bond.

Each band features a one way sliding barrel to secure the band meaning once it's on it has to stay on!

This pack features an orange and purple flower design, a white and pale blue floral design, and blue and green design featuring pineapples.

Ask your chosen friend to shut their eyes, hold out their hand & make a wish. Pop on a Keeper Band, pull up the lock barrel to secure (not too tight).

Log the start date and time by posting a photo tagged #breokeepers The fun starts here – Just how long will your friend keep the band on?

Use the Breo ‘Buddy chart’ to rate your friendship. Does this person have your back or will it be off as soon as your back is turned?

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