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Winter Plans

Hey Everybody!

So that’s the British Summer over, got a few waves in though so that’s the main thing. I’m planning on spending the winter surfing cold waves and writing my second solo album. I have all the songs structured and have a few ideas as to how I want them to go but I won’t know for sure how they work until I get in the studio. That’s the great thing about Winter in England, although I am used to playing in ski resorts or being away surfing in the past, staying in England is more productive and creative for me.

I am going to a surf trip somewhere in Spain to get some sun and waves in January though, gotta be done! So my new video for my single ‘The Shores of England’ is being edited right now. We filmed on location in Croyde Bay where I live at the end of the summer and I’m really loooking forward to seeing how the images come out. My songs are all available on iTunes now, pretty stoked about that!

We had great waves in Croyde this last weekend and amazing weather. I played a gig in Lilicos in Barnstaple which is a sweet little tapas bar with a really nice atmosphere. I’m looking forward to playing more gigs in London soon to promote my album ‘The Alpine Vultures’. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet as I have been busy making the music videos and playing gigs to fund the album production. I’m also getting a lot of help from my sponser Breo. Which is awesome!

Also I’m just about to get involved in a side project with a rock n roll band, as well as more work on the ongoing dance project with Steve ‘Simpkin’ Birch. Can’t wait to get writing and creating more music to share with you all!

Peace and Love and Waves.


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