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Up The Level

Self-preservation has been the theme for this year. Eating good, doing good and feeling good. I fought my first boxing match early in the year against a big American guy and learned lots of things from it. Boxing taught me that hard work and dedication is all you need to win in life. I got hit by a big right hook in the first round and was rocked by it. I was getting hammered badly then luckily the bell sounded. Mike Tyson once said that “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. I finally got my nerves during the second round and worked my way behind the jab and then boooom! I landed a blinding straight on my opponents chin and he got rocked pretty bad. His gas tank was empty by the start of the 3rd round so I pretty much jabbed my way into a decision victory. I’m 1-0 at the moment but I plan to be back in the ring this November.

Race season has been quite so far and to be honest I miss the early days of the downhill skateboarding scene where everyone in the community knows everybody. Back in the start of the scene there were a lot of parties, backyard BBQs and straight up bombing hill sessions.

Surf season is in full effect here so check out my Elaine’s blog for updates. I’ve heard from surfers that there are lots of rad and untouched spots around the islands. ‘Til next time, keep it rad!


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