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Time Flies….

It’s been a fast-paced year; I can’t believe it’s April already! I am as grateful for being swamped with work as I am with getting some downtime.

The last few months have been inspiring. I love that I get to meet all different kinds of people because of tattoos, all of them kind and inspiring. A couple of months back I got to be part of an all-women tattooer exhibit called Sting. I was sort of intimidated at first, to be honest, but when I got to meet all these lovely women tattooers, I found out how down-to-earth and nice they all were! I also like that I finally get to talk about tattoo related things to women; at one point some of us went shopping for supplies.

I also am grateful to have awesome tattoo clients. All of them from different backgrounds, all of them with good stories to tell. I tattooed two inspiring women who put up their own company called Channel Good Advocacy Communications.  Their company has a volunteer project called ‘Girl Matter’, a “3-part program for young girls who have suffered a history of abuse”.  They asked me to come speak in front of the girls for a ‘Visioneering’ activity they had.  I was supposed to inspire the girls, provide them alternative career options like the career I have. I went to the house that fosters them and met and talked with all these lovely young women, happy and strong.  In the end, I think it was them who inspired me more.  I am amazed how strong and optimistic they are despite everything they’ve been through; they’ve given me a better perspective.  I’m also grateful to have met women like my two clients, who push for projects like these.

I asked the universe for more fun work and hopefully with loving, supportive clients and I think I’m on my way to getting them.  I have a couple of branding projects in the works right now and I couldn’t ask for more fun, understanding clients who work for good causes. Can I please be the official graphic designer/illustrator/tattooer for projects with good causes?

Oh and I also finally launched my new baby, a scarf line I call Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest. These scarves are made with love; I only have 10 pieces for each design.  Every design are from photos I took from some of my travels, mostly around Asia and the Philippines, which is why the first collection is called Wanderlust.  I hope that each person who wears the scarf, absorbs all the good intentions I put in the scarves. Positivity breeds positivity!  For more information on the scarves, I have them up on and the blog is up at


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