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Injury, Recovery & Some Time Off

January 12, 2016 2 min read

I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to rest for recovery after a long run, so I had absolutely no idea it could take me more than a month to recover from my 54k Alpine ultra! I knew it would be sensible to rest for a bit, but my first proper 20k hill run after … Continue reading
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Running The OCC Alpine Ultra Marathon

September 24, 2015 3 min read

If someone had told me 18 months ago I’d be writing a blog about running a 54k alpine ultra marathon, I’d probably have choked – 18 months ago I couldn’t even run a 10k! But just a couple of weeks ago I finished the OCC, an ultra trail race which is part of the UTMB series. Starting in Orsieres in … Continue reading
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Nordic Trail Running

December 08, 2014 4 min read

I can’t quite believe it’s December already, and definitely can’t believe the amazing opportunities trail running has brought me this year, especially in the shape of some of the amazing places I’ve travelled to – off the top of my head I’ve been to Canada, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and have literally just returned from Norway. I felt I’d gotten to … Continue reading
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Gear Check – Sarah Morton

October 20, 2014 5 min read

What’s in my TRAIL RUNNING bag?

My trail running kit bag is probably as extensive as most of my climbing and mountaineering kit bags – contrary to popular belief, you need a hell of a lot of kit to go trail running in Scotland – most of the trails and hills are remote, rugged and challenging. In addition to that, you just have no idea what the weather is going to throw at you – one minute you could be basking in the sun, next, you’re covered in snow!

I have two kit bags for trail running – a 10L trail running back pack for longer runs and a racepack, that goes round my waist, for runs up to 20k or a couple of hours – both have a Breo Bag Buddy attached to them – it’s such a handy, light-weight time keeper, I never go for a run without it.

1. Trail shoes – quite aggressive at first sight, the soles of these little gems are like chunky mountain bike tyres – they’ll go over pretty much anything, but are a complete nightmare on tarmac! I only use Salomon running shoes – they support my feet so well, I’ve virtually eliminated footwear-related injuries.

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Road Biking & Trail Running In Torridon

July 14, 2014 4 min read

I was lured to Torridon, on the North West Coast of Scotland, under the premise of a bit of biking and hiking – sounded innocent enough, and with it being one of my favourite Scottish places I jumped at the chance of a few days there. Little did I know I was about to embark on the longest, hardest road … Continue reading
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Trail Running, Marathons & Half Marathons

June 24, 2014 2 min read

I fell in love with trail running just before Christmas, at the end of last year. Of course, it wasn’t my first ever experience of trail running, but there was just something about this weekend in the Lake District, with two good pals that changed my approach to running. I’d never seen myself as a natural runner – I found … Continue reading
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