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Breo Hero Q&A : Zak Lawton

by Zak Lawton July 07, 2015

Today we chat to Breo Hero Zak Lawton about his surfing life, his motivation, heroes and tips for aspiring surfers.

How long have you been surfing?

I started when I was 9, so 13 years ago now! I cannot even remember my life without surfing to be honest with you.

How did you get involved?

We moved to Croyde, Devon, when I was 9. This was mainly because Mum and Dad had always been on holidays here and thought it would be a great place for us kids; myself and three sisters (yes, I deserve a medal) to grow up. To this day I cannot thank them enough, It’s such an awesome place, and I guess it’s being in the village that got me into the sea. Pretty much everyone’s life here is based around the ocean, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Breo Hero Q&A: Elaine Abonal

by Elaine Abonal May 12, 2015

In the next instalment of our Breo Hero interviews we talk to Philippines based Elaine Abonal about her love of surfing, how she started, her tips for anyone wanting to begin surfing, and how she’s managed to turn it into her livelihood with her Surfista Travels business.

How long have you been surfing?

I first started in 2002 so that’s 13 years! :)

How did you get involved?

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Sri Lanka Styling

by Zak Lawton February 23, 2015


Sri Lanka is an up and coming surf destination and understandably so!
Based just off India, its ideally located, in terms of swell direction and open water. Coupled with warm sun and light winds it makes for an ideal winter getaway!
As you would expect the place is packed with friendly locals, and businesses taking advantage of the growth in tourism, making it a safe and enjoyable destination.

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A Crazy Year…

by Elaine Abonal January 14, 2015

It’s been a crazy year of climbing mountains, crossing oceans, meeting different kinds of souls, experiencing unplanned adventures, opening and breaking hearts, surfing new waves, learning new languages and ways to live, and loving because of and despite everything. Endings and beginnings can be scary but whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far … Continue reading
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Well, What A Fast Year!

by Zak Lawton November 21, 2014

Well what a fast year! It’s actually scary how time seems to be going so quickly and that it’s almost Christmas again. I was trying to think of what’s happened this year, and the list is just too long… so I decided it’s best i just tried to sum it up! We have had so much swell this year, and … Continue reading
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Gear Check : Elaine Abonal

by Elaine Abonal September 15, 2014

Stepping up for the second instalment of our new Gear Check series is Philippines based Breo Hero, surfer and businesswoman Elaine Abonal. Read on for the lowdown on her essential surfing kit…

Hello my fellow Breo lovers!!

Life has been crazy in the island. Good crazy. I’ve been living in Siargao island for the past 2 months and have a couple of weeks left before heading home and continue my work with Surfista Travels Philippines. Time has been flying by super fast and as much as I thought I would be bored and brought all kinds of distractions with me, my life here has been hectic – there’s always something to do, people to meet, food to buy in the market, a new surf location to try, and lessons to learn. I’ve been surfing almost every single day, sometimes twice a day – depending on the tides since I’ve arrived here and I’ve been fortunate enough to have the best surfers on the island / the Philippines as my friends and coaches and I’ve learned so much. I feel very lucky!

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