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Sri Lanka Styling

by Zak Lawton February 23, 2015


Sri Lanka is an up and coming surf destination and understandably so!
Based just off India, its ideally located, in terms of swell direction and open water. Coupled with warm sun and light winds it makes for an ideal winter getaway!
As you would expect the place is packed with friendly locals, and businesses taking advantage of the growth in tourism, making it a safe and enjoyable destination.

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Well, What A Fast Year!

by Zak Lawton November 21, 2014

Well what a fast year! It’s actually scary how time seems to be going so quickly and that it’s almost Christmas again. I was trying to think of what’s happened this year, and the list is just too long… so I decided it’s best i just tried to sum it up! We have had so much swell this year, and … Continue reading
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