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What’s In My Bag – Nordic/XC Skiing

by Sarah Morton February 09, 2015

I took up Nordic skiing a couple of years ago now, and to be honest, it doesn’t get the best rep – in terms of the ‘cool factor’ it probably doesn’t rank very high, but thanks to athletes like Andrew Young more and more people are taking it up. For me, it’s a great addition to my training schedule – in the Alps, it’s just not possible to run all the time and XC skiing can provide a seriously intense alternative. Plus, I love skating through the trees in the sunshine breathing in all that fresh air!

My ‘bag’ consists more of things stuffed into a pocket! Nordic skiing is a travel light kind of sport, unless you are touring. I generally wear the same sort of thing I wear running – so, lots of Adidas Climawarm and really just carry a few extras in case the wind picks up or the sun drops and I start to get cold.

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Gear Check : Steve Holmes

by Steve Holmes January 15, 2015

Our latest Gear Check blog post comes from our latest Breo Hero, Steve Holmes. Steve is a qualified Mountaineering Instructor who runs the professional mountain guiding company Vertical Fever from his base in Fort William, Scotland.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of his kit.


There is a unique Winter scene in Scotland where budding climbers attempt to scale classic and modern routes up the side of mountains in any conditions the weather throws at us. It takes a certain type of person; someone willing to get up in freezing conditions, often in the dead of the night to literally torture themselves in horrendous weather just to climb a mountain. OK, it isn’t always so bad, we are occasionally blessed with bright blue skies and crisp fluffy snow to play in – a rarity admittedly!

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Gear Check – Sarah Morton

by Sarah Morton October 20, 2014

What’s in my TRAIL RUNNING bag?

My trail running kit bag is probably as extensive as most of my climbing and mountaineering kit bags – contrary to popular belief, you need a hell of a lot of kit to go trail running in Scotland – most of the trails and hills are remote, rugged and challenging. In addition to that, you just have no idea what the weather is going to throw at you – one minute you could be basking in the sun, next, you’re covered in snow!

I have two kit bags for trail running – a 10L trail running back pack for longer runs and a racepack, that goes round my waist, for runs up to 20k or a couple of hours – both have a Breo Bag Buddy attached to them – it’s such a handy, light-weight time keeper, I never go for a run without it.

1. Trail shoes – quite aggressive at first sight, the soles of these little gems are like chunky mountain bike tyres – they’ll go over pretty much anything, but are a complete nightmare on tarmac! I only use Salomon running shoes – they support my feet so well, I’ve virtually eliminated footwear-related injuries.

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Gear Check : Migs Enriquez

by Michael Enriquez October 14, 2014

The year 2014 is coming to close really fast. A lot has been checked on my bucket list, how about yours? Downhill skateboarding has taken a backseat to Freestyle Calisthenics in my current routine. I can’t wait to show off some videos. Just give me a month or 2 to polish my style. It’s really fun because its a sport and a workout all in one.

Let me also share to you the gear that i always have with me:

An Iphone with a broken glass at the back haha. I never leave the house without my phone. I think its a must have for all of us boardriders who travel from time to time.

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WXC Racing Team – Gear Check

by WXC World Racing Team October 06, 2014

The latest instalment of our Gear Check series comes from the WXC World Racing team…   Main photo is what I have to load up every race 2 x 6 meter easy-ups and 1 x 3 meter with grey ground sheets and red matt flooring Bags of side panels and half barrier rails and peg and strap bag. Bags of … Continue reading
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Gear Check : Sam Jennings

by Sam Jennings September 15, 2014

In a new series we’ve asked our Breo Heroes to show us around their kit and set up whether bike, board or guitar. First up is BMXer Sam Jennings, over to you Sam… Here is my choice of movement! It’s a United 21 inch beacon 2 frame with beacon bars and forks! Beacon seat and united seat post, fit cranks, … Continue reading
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