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Sunshine Start For 2015!!

I have just spent a month writing songs in Costa Rica, which was a great way to start 2015. It is such an amazing, beautiful place and I had plenty of great experiences to write some songs about.

I also did loads of surfing and drinking coconuts which are also things I love to do. I am planning to spend next winter in Costa Rica as I enjoyed it so much. I just arrived back in the U.K. to snow and have got stuck straight into band practice. I am rehearsing for some live shows this summer which I will keep you all posted on via my website.

I am looking forward to heading into the studio very soon. I love the process of recording a song I have written. I have them stuck in my head for so long, to hear them on record is amazing, especially if you work with a really good producer. I will most likely spend the next few months recording. I send most of my songs to pitch to artists as my main passion is songwriting for other people. I do enjoy playing gigs though, I Just play venues I like. I Also want my songs to be in Movies, so after I have written and recorded them I pitch them for soundtracks. I have had some success with this, although as I am also very picky about the movies I want my songs to feature in, it’s a little tricky. I love films and the soundtrack to a film is so important. I want people to hear my song in a really great movie and associate the song with how they felt about the movie.

I also like to write what I feel to be interesting lyrics that are a little bit different to what you might hear on the radio but would fit perfectly into a scene in a movie. My main aim for this year is to keep writing and recording and having a blast in Nashville and California where I will be heading towards the end of the year. I hope to spend a lot of time watching and hopefully jamming with some great musicians whilst I am out there.

I finished recording my new single ‘Ice’ In November, check it out below.


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