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Nile Rodgers, Rudimental & London sessions

Sometimes when I think about the last few months, I struggle to believe that it actually happened. October, November and December were some of the craziest months of my life and have really got me excited for what 2015 holds. It all started when I got an email from a company called Go Think Big, which let me know that I had been accepted to work on the re-mix of “Le Freak” with Nile Rodgers and Rudimental. THE Nile Rodgers and Rudimental. This was one of the best emails I had ever received and sure enough, a few weeks later, there I was in RAK Studios in London talking to Nile Rodgers about a vocal part I had written for the re-mix. It was one of the most insane experiences of my life and something that I think I will always remember.

The next ridiculous thing that happened in these months was getting an out of the blue email from a major record label inviting me to come and write with some of their roster in London for the week. As someone who lives in the middle of no-where in Northern Ireland, I jump at the chance to travel anywhere and so getting the chance to go to London was good enough on its own, never mind being invited to work in incredible studios with writers who I had followed for years. I got a lot of songs written and I’m really excited as to what the future holds for them and for me.

The next few months are again incredibly exciting and although I can’t give too much away, once I finish school in May, I will be able to focus solely on my music.

– Callum


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