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New Year

“This is a very delayed New Year greeting but, Happy New Year. There’s something I realized before that I sometimes forget, but now I do and I want to tell you this: everything starts with a dream.  Years, years, years ago, especially after college, I felt a little lost as most newly grads do. And I realized I felt that way because I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I mean, how can you find your way if you don’t know where you want to be, right? Everything really started when I found out what I wanted to do, when I dreamt of it. I woke up one day and realized hey, I can probably paint for a living, or maybe tattoo too and I just did what I can to achieve exactly that.

So this year, let’s dream big things! Or happy things.  2013 you will be my best friend, my sister.  I already have a couple of exciting things coming up. Being a Breo Hero, for one, is awesome. It was one of the awesomest things that happened to me last year, and it continues to be so this year.  I also have a nice line up of tattoo clients these coming months—I love that I get to meet so many interesting and kind-hearted people with tattooing! I have an exhibit with Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (the Philippines’ first and only organization of illustrators for children) is also coming up. It’s called ‘A Curious Buffet’; incidentally, I embroidered the poster for this one. I’m really excited about it.  Also this week, I have three of my original paintings up for sale at Ava.Ph ( , please check it out if you have time.

Next dream is to have the opportunity to travel while making art or tattoo! I guess when you say it out loud to the universe, maybe it’ll hear you. :) Good vibes.”


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