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Life Updates and Happiness

“Weeks ago I got a surprise package on my doorstep. I love surprises and I love packages. A Breo package! So happeh! Spectacles! I chose the aviator looking ones and another one with the more classic frame, for everyday wear. Also in the package, watches which I wear everyday now! The Orb 10 is the cutest water resistant watch I’ve ever laid eyes on! Le sigh!

I was telling my friend Carl weeks ago, about how happy I was with the nature of projects that have been coming my way recently. I was always a believer, but now I think I am the firmest of believers in just simply doing what you love, what you’re passionate about regardless of money and fame and all that–and how good things will go your way if you do. I’ve been volunteering (in ways I can) for a very awesome set of people/mermaids collectively called Save Philippine Seas. I think I mentioned this in a past post, but I’ll mention it again anyway. Anna, one of the chief mermaids of SPS, contacted me one day to ask me if I wanted to design collateral for an upcoming SPS collaboration with Lush Cosmetics. I was ecstatic, of course, and as if it has to be reiterated, I accepted the project. The Lush/SPS Anti Shark Fin Soap was launched October 15 at the Lush Shangri-la Branch.

Sharks are friends, not food! The anti-shark fin soaps smell sooo good (and notice the little paper fin). They are on sale at all Lush branches by now, methinks, and for a limited time and quantity only.

ALSOOOO, Mitch and I finally launched our exhibit, Karesinda last Saturday at Pablo X! I can’t believe we finally launched it. Mitch and I started talking about the possibility of collaborating over a year ago and we’ve had a couple of dinners/lunches/coffee breaks discussing the project. And now, it’s done! Whewwww. (I immediately felt nostalgic the night of the launch though, the pieces are done, now does that mean I don’t get to work with Mitch anymore? Haha! Seriously I had the most fun time working with Mitch.)

I borrowed some photos from my friend John. John thanks for letting me use them! :)”


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