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Injury, Recovery & Some Time Off

by Sarah Morton January 12, 2016

I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to rest for recovery after a long run, so I had absolutely no idea it could take me more than a month to recover from my 54k Alpine ultra!

I knew it would be sensible to rest for a bit, but my first proper 20k hill run after the race absolutely busted me – so much so that I had to withdraw from the Ben Nevis Ultra!  So I decided to take the opportunity to focus on other things – mostly yoga and climbing, and that was all going really well until I fractured my clavicle!  More rest – this time medically ordered…

What I learned over the next couple of weeks, was that I have far too much energy and eventually I just had to go for a run – I strapped my arm up and zipped it into my running top and off I went.  It felt good, really good – but little did I know – the clavicle moves pretty much every time any part of the body moves – and once again, I was sternly put under medical orders to take some rest.  There was nothing else for it – I took the opportunity to enjoy some eat, drink and be merry time.

I hadn’t realised just how antisocial my life had become – all those long runs, days in the hills, early nights – I’d missed out on spending masses of time with my amazing friends!  It was long overdue and I’ve actually had the most amazing couple of months – healing, recovering and getting a little bit chubby to keep myself warm as Scottish Winter fast approaches.

I haven’t given up trail running in favour of being a couch potato though, I’m almost healed and am looking forward to getting some serious training in for the Hoka Highland Fling in April – 83k of Scottish Highland trail running awesomeness!

My first official training trot was up An Sgurr on the Isle of Eigg – an imposing mound of rock on a 3 mile long Scottish island that literally rises out of the sea – it’s an amazing place, full of Viking-like energy and the perfect place to get some head space from modern life.  The route had everything I love about Scottish trail running – steep, technical terrain, a bit of scrambling and amazing views, but there was also lots of boggy bits – which reminded me of all the things that come with being in Scotland during the winter!

I think Alpine running has spoiled me a little bit, but there’s few places other than Scotland that you can run to the summit of a volcanic rock and see little more on the horizon than masses of northern sea.  And now, I can’t wait to run many more training miles on some amazing Scottish trails!

Sarah Morton
Sarah Morton

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