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Gear Check : Wiji Lacsamana

The Breo family and I thought it’d be fun to share with you what I lug around with me everyday–that is, if I decide to step out of my studio and brave the world. Nonetheless, these are my must-haves every time I go out.

Gear Check - Wiji Lacsamana

1. A comfortably-sized tote, perfect for just chucking things in–the one I use so much right now is a canvas tote with a veggie monster.

2. An emergency make-up bag, just in case I need instant grooming. This bag I have features puppies that look almost exactly like two of my three dogs: the black and white french bulldog looks like Puiji, and the pug looks like Pepato.

3. My Breo headphones, of course. Can’t go out without tuning everything out with music.

4. An idea notebook and sketchbook.

5. A good book. Right now I’ve been really inspired by this ‘Tattoo Colouring Book’.

6. My wallet!

7. My glasses.

8. My phone.

9. A nice travel-sized tin of argan oil balm! I swear by argan oil.

10. Lip balm, which somehow never finds its way inside my makeup bag. Right now I am loving this vegan lip balm called Hurraw in the Earl Grey flavor.

11. A flashlight!

12. House keys.

13. My travel watercolor pan, because inspiration strikes anywhere.

14. The new Breo grafik watch is a new but instant daily staple–it is made of S-ions that produces negative ions that fights pollution in the air. A must-have when braving through city streets, I say.

15. My Breo Vox sunnies in Black because it is a classic and it goes with anything I wear, anything.

16. My brush/pencil/marker/paint rolling case because it fits all my illustration tools and I can roll it up and it’ll fit well in my bag.

What are your daily bag essentials?



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