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Gear Check : Elaine Abonal

Stepping up for the second instalment of our new Gear Check series is Philippines based Breo Hero, surfer and businesswoman Elaine Abonal. Read on for the lowdown on her essential surfing kit…

Hello my fellow Breo lovers!!

Life has been crazy in the island. Good crazy. I’ve been living in Siargao island for the past 2 months and have a couple of weeks left before heading home and continue my work with Surfista Travels Philippines. Time has been flying by super fast and as much as I thought I would be bored and brought all kinds of distractions with me, my life here has been hectic – there’s always something to do, people to meet, food to buy in the market, a new surf location to try, and lessons to learn. I’ve been surfing almost every single day, sometimes twice a day – depending on the tides since I’ve arrived here and I’ve been fortunate enough to have the best surfers on the island / the Philippines as my friends and coaches and I’ve learned so much. I feel very lucky!

Living on the island doesn’t require much. My only indulgence here are the different bikinis I get to wear everyday (very surfer girl of me, yes!) and the Breo sunglasses and watches that I get to use. The fashionista city girl is still within me and it’s one of the simple joys that I find each day (together with the different smiles I get to see, different fruits I eat, and different waves everyday.) In the photo you will see the essentials of what I need here to survive really. It’s not a lot!

I have:

My longboard and shortboard – It’s GREAT that I know how to ride both now because whether the waves are big or small, I still have fun in any conditions! The way to ride them is also very different from each other and it challenges me each time. I like that my brain works a lot when I go surfing.
My colourful Breo Watches – They say that life is easier and more relaxed on an island, which is true, but unless a person manages their time, they won’t get anything done. My watches keep me organized, aware of the tides (it’s such a big deal here what time we go out to surf because every spot here is with reef and unless I want to have a reef tattoo on my bum, I have to make sure I’m out when the tide is high), and stylish because of the beautiful colors.
My Breo Sunglasses – I have more than these three (thanks to my awesome sponsor Breo!!!) but these are my top 3 sunnies while I’m here. The sun’s rays here are super strong, especially the ones that reflect off the water. My eyes actually got sunburned last week – (IT CAN HAPPEN, YES!) and it hurt a lot! Many people here don’t realize that the cheap imitation sunglasses people can buy in tourist shops are actually bad for their eyes, so I’ve been telling a lot of people about the importance in investing in a proper pair of sunglasses J
VMV Armada Sunscreen – Every single day, especially before a sunny surf session.
Cloud Nine Chocolate Bars – These give me energy before a surf session without having too much in my stomach. Bananas, granola bars and peanut butter work too! The chocolate bar is actually where the name of the world famous surf spot came from.
My Hurley Hat – Same with protecting my eyes with my Breo sunglasses, my hats keep my head and eyes protected from harsh sun!
Cameras – I’ve probably got way more than I need here, but I love documenting everything and showing the world what it’s like on my side of the planet. I meet so much people everyday – especially in the water – and it’s very handy to have a camera, especially my GoPro, to remember all of them!
My Bikini – I LOVE that instead of corporate clothes, I get to choose colourful beautiful bikinis to wear for “work!” Haha!

Hope my list helps you just in case you want to explore the beauty of the Philippines or should you decide to live the island life somewhere in this crazy beautiful world!!

See you all and drop me a line on my instagram @elaineabonal or twitter if you every make it here. Cheers.


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