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From Summer To Winter

2014 and what a great year it has been. With only a few weeks to go before Christmas and New Year celebrations I want to reflect and share with you the last of my summer exploits!

I mentioned previously I was going to focus my training on the first race of its kind in the UK – a triathlon with a twist! Swopping the traditional swim section for Stand up Paddle Boarding! Obviously this was right up my street given my paddling experience and results to date. Also I felt pretty confident with the biking/running as I do both of these activities to help increase my general fitness, for fun and cross-training purposes.

When the day of the event came I was confident despite feeling tired from the early start and I’m pleased to say I won the first event with a gap of almost one minute separating myself and second place, no mean feat at 3k on the water, 30k on the bike finished off with a 5k run!

It was a great experience with close to 200 people taking part! I can honestly say this capped off my summer in a great way.

The weeks following I downed tools and regimented training plans which I think is must whatever level of sport you take part in and gave myself some well needed rest and recovery. It wasn’t long though before my winter clock kicked in to gear and my attention turned to the autumn/winter Stand up Paddling race series as well as putting in some training for an upcoming SUPATHLON – run – sup – run!! I won the previous year’s race so need to deliver another winning performance this year! I’ll keep you posted on my result!!

Despite the cold mornings and darker evenings it’s not all bad and shouldn’t stop you from getting out and exercising, for me it means long paddle sessions, off-road cycling in the mud ? reflecting on the current year to date whilst starting to plan and put goals down on paper for the following year..

I’m really lucky to have the support of Breo because at this time of year the low sun level can be a real distraction when out paddling on the water or putting in some miles on the bike so I always have a pair of sunnies to hand to protect my eyes and help see what’s in front of me!

Here are a couple of my tips for training outside in the winter; wear appropriate warm, waterproof clothing, check the weather/sea state and let others know where you are going and when you intend to be back… and of course remember to enjoy the experience of training/exercising outside..

Happy Winter folks…


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