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December, Jan & Feb – The Months That All Merge Together!

by Zak Lawton March 22, 2013

After a hectic few months I can safely say that my winter has been the perfect definition of the word ‘EPIC’ it’s hard to even start going through all the things I have done, seen, and experienced!

Early December saw the 3 rd and final event of the European tour take place in the south of Portugal, we were accompanied by amazing waves and some nice weather which is always a nice change to Britain. I travelled with the other British guys on the tour, and we made the trip into a bit of a holiday which was a bonus. Before the comp started we surfed for a few days which was great to push my ability, travelling with the top 2 on the tour is not just a massive learning experience but also very inspirational and interesting… I ended up getting 5 th in the comp, losing to the event winner (Ben Skinner) in the man on man quarter final, Ben also ended up getting his 10 th European title which is unbelievable. This gave me a comfy 5 th position in the tour, which is a massive improvement on last year’s 10 th, so I’m stoked!

After Portugal, and the surf season was over for the year, I was determined to do a week on the slopes, and managed somehow to get on a university trip to Val D’isaire, The snowboarding conditions were literally perfect, loads of powder, and a stupid amount of sun… Very lucky. It goes without saying on a uni trip, snowboarding was not the only thing done this week, I think I partied every night as if it was my last one on the planet, a definite experience.

Christmas and New Year passed at an extreme pace, and before I knew it I headed back out to see a friend on the slopes, this was another amazing few weeks that really helped my snowboarding come a long way… Ended up doing some really cool things like staying in a refuge in a national park, and meeting heaps of talented people, and seeing how they live their lives!

I have spent the last month or so in Indonesia training loads and surfing a ridiculous amount of good waves, my surfing has come on heaps, and I managed to get a few clips and pics together of the time I have had, hope you enjoy!

Time to get earning some money now though to do it all over again!

Zak Lawton
Zak Lawton

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