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Change Is The Most Natural Thing In The World

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It’s funny how we are told that people are naturally resistant to change, whereas the most natural thing in the world IS change. These past few months have all been about change for me and although in my brain I know it, my heart doesn’t seem to be ready.

Until now, where I have taken a break and have been conscious of it. I’ve been comparing everything to how it was last year – resorts, people, management, relationships, friends, situations. Without realizing it, I somehow thought that it was better. But all that have been the past, as it already had been for a while now, and I should be more open and more ready to accept what is new by letting go of the old.

It’s good to reevaluate and remember our goals. In the last blog I wrote that I wanted to improve and grow as a surfer, an entrepreneur, and a person. What we don’t expect that is that with that choice to grow comes growing pains – not everything always comes smoothly and naturally.

But I’m trying! I’m slowly moving my life to Siargao island, where I have been doing my camps, but I know now that I want to base myself there. Not only because it’s paradise island where I can be near the ocean and surf every day, but also because it’s where I find myself most fulfilled and happy. In Siargao I can live my dream life – while living my passion and making a difference to the world in my own way with Surfista Travels. Here I can make a difference to the community by volunteering, using my network to make other people aware of the realities that are outside the tourist bubble that surrounds us. I can teach other local surf instructors what I know in terms of being professional by being a good example in what I do. I can support other local businesses by doing a good job in my business as well. I can grow as a person outside of my comfort zone, because even if it is still in the same country, it’s still out of the safe arms of my parents and the spoiled carefree city life that I grew up in.

Being exposed to nature, the ocean, the weather, people coming and going is a good reminder that change is a part and a constant thing of life. Maybe that’s why I also love being on an island, because we have to go out and look up and see that everything is transient and we have to be open to the good that is to come. Change and growth can be a bit painful sometimes, but it’s also beautiful. I hope that you see that too.

Check out the changes in my business and how I’ve improved as an internationally certified surf instructor on my website or my instagram: @elaineabonal :)


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