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Breo Hero Q&A: Luigi ‘Wiji’ Lacsamana

Today’s Breo Hero interview features the Philippines based designer & tattoo artist Luigi ‘Wiji ‘Lacsamana. Currently enjoying the joys of new motherhood, Wiji shares her tips for aspiring tattoo artists as well as her motivation and heroes.

How long have you been drawing/designing/tattooing?

I’ve been drawing as early as I can remember–that’s probably when I was two or three? I could be wrong about the age, but I’ve been drawing practically my whole life. I started really considering getting “creative” jobs (wherein I designed, drew, did props for music videos, etc) in 2006. I started tattooing five years ago.

How did you get involved?

I got into the creative industry because I was surrounded by friends who were and they were very gracious enough to teach me, the political science major. I started really getting involved in the creative field when I found the guts to, first, ask for help, and second, to just do it.

Five or so years ago, a friend of mine invited me and his other friends to his birthday tattoo party–he basically wanted all his friends to tattoo his back for his birthday! We were all nervous about this, only one of us was an actual tattooer! But I tattooed a little bird on his back and that night, after the party I went home and couldn’t sleep because I fell in love. With tattooing.  The next day I woke up still thinking about it! So I messaged tattooer extraordinaire Dyun Depasupil, who was there at the party, if he’d take me as his apprentice. I got no reply.  I shamelessly messaged him again a week after what seemed like a quiet rejection, and he replied: “You passed the first test.” He wanted to see how serious I was with the apprenticeship!

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Ahh, every little thing makes me so happy. Whenever someone buys a piece I make for exhibits, or when someone contacts me for a tattoo schedule, I get really amped up–it’s like, really, you want my painting in your room? You really want me to tattoo you? Yay! Haha but I guess what beats that is when they come back to you AGAIN–when they commission me to do a painting again, when publishers want me to design a book cover again, or when they want me to tattoo them again. There’s an added level of trust there, I think.

What motivates you?

The answers above.

Who’s your hero?

The women in my family. I am lucky enough to be born in a family where the women are strong, independent, motivated.

What are your hopes for the future?

1. To be a really, really great tattooer.
2. To be a really, really great illustrator.
3. To be a really, really great mom.
4. To travel a lot.

Any tips for aspiring tattoo artists?

Practice and practice good hygiene.

How would you spend £1 million?

Where do I begin? Because I’m a mom now I probably have to save a big chunk of it, haha. But I’d also have to buy a nice house by the beach. And I’d use the rest for traveling!

Visit Wiji’s website ‘The Curious Studio’ HERE.


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