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August and September!

“Ok… Well summer came and left pretty fast! I was lucky enough to travel out to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia for a couple of weeks. I headed out there with a coach from Surf Solutions, and a few other top British surfers, I had an amazing experience and while learning lots, and getting to surf the best waves in the world!

We stayed on a local island in a really cool pad set up for surf trips, we then got a boat every morning to the best spots in the area, we had a full time photographer, plus a Videographer, and video analysis every evening. I felt as though I learnt loads, and had a really good experience.

On the way out to Indonesia we stopped in Dubai and tested out the new wave pool there… This was also epic! The place is called WADI Adventure Park, and has loads of stuff there like white water rafting, climbing, and now the new surf-able wave pool! This is not a gimmick; it is a genuine wave that breaks like on a beach. It was the most surreal thing surfing in 45 degrees in water that isn’t salty, but I would highly recommend it!

I feel like this trip has put me in good stead for the last few competitions of the year, and hopefully I will see an improvement in my surfing!”


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