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December 15, 2014 1 min read

So winter has officially arrived in the Highlands.

Traditionally snow engulfs the mountains in November and occasionally before Halloween but this year has been a somewhat leisurely start to the season. The want to swing an ice axe only gets worse when you can see a snow capped Ben Nevis from your back door but the ferocious gale force winds are keeping that said door firmly closed. However, the path to adventures is on the horizon; reports of a lull in the weather this weekend should allow the keen and ambitious climbers their much anticipated release out of the starting blocks.

My time is never wasted at this time of year; I have been very busy updating the new website and managing enquiries about winter guiding as well as planning an upcoming expedition. During this time I have also been speaking with Breo who I am proud to announce have invited me onto their Breo Hero Team which I am thrilled to be part of. As most friends and clients will know I don’t wear many black garments or products which will stand me in good stead with Breo who produce some of the brightest sunglasses and watches on the market.