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2014 Is Going Fast!

Summer seems to have arrived for most in the UK, bringing more people out to the beaches and increasing participation in outdoor activities – which is great! I’m a huge believer and advocate of outdoor fitness.

I’ve been pleased to see more and more people trying stand up paddle boarding (SUP). I’ve said it before – SUP is a great way to explore new bodies of water and get out and explore on the water.

Recently I’ve paddled a new river to me, the River Arun running through Arundel as well as exploring new sections of rivers and waterways close to me – there is always something new to see and different areas to explore!

My main sporting focus is SUP (that’s probably been noticed by now :-), whether racing, training or just going out for a cruise along the coast or river. In addition I’m a huge fan of mountain bike riding and off road trail running. Mixing your training up is great for cross training!

Almost in answer to my interests the first triathlon of its kind in the UK has been set up replacing the swim for a SUP section then in traditional triathlon format is followed by a bike ride then finishing with a run. Both the bike and run are off road.

This first race will take place on 21st September 2014 in the Chichester, West Sussex area and for those interested, news and information can be found by searching using the hash tag #SUPBIKERUN

Pulling on my previous SUP and run (SUPATHLON) racing win in Brighton and Hove last year I have tailored my training for this upcoming SUP triathlon to include mountain biking and trail running! Being able to keep track of time through all 3 disciplines and protect my eyes with my Breo watches and sunglasses has been really important to help me train with minimum fuss.

I’m very focused on this event and plan to do well! So watch this space for updates on training, progress and results from the big day itself!!

Enjoy the summer and stay active!!




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